The first video is courtesy of Gary and Anne Wakenhut.


Gathering September 3, 2017 in honor of Yogacharya's birthday. Several people gave talks about their experiences with Yogacharya.


Community resident John Pfleuke talks about the changing river environmnet and the loss of the lake.


Yogacharya J Oliver Black, founder of Song of the Morning Ranch, was an SRF minister and Kriya Yoga initiator until his passing in 1989. Recordings of Yogacharya's words were made at the Detroit Institute of Arts in the late 60s. Some of these recordings are presented here as YouTube videos.

In the video below Yogacharya talks about healing. The transcription can be found in the 2014 community newsletter (available on the "newsletters" page). Thanks to Jessica Vendetti.


"Be Full Of Joy" Part 1, by Yogacharya Oliver. Taken from a meditation service at Detroit Institute of Arts on March 10, 1968.


"Be Full Of Joy" Part 2


"Be Full Of Joy" Part Three.


More videos to come!